Seminole Heights Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Week starts May 5th!

All of Seminole Heights would like to show our teachers and school staff just how much we appreciate them. Over the weeks leading up to May 5th, we will be purchasing supplies and making goodie bags for the school staff of these six Seminole Heights schools:

  • Broward Elementary
  • Cleveland Elementary
  • Edison Elementary
  • Foster Elementary
  • Memorial Middle
  • Seminole Elementary
Goodie Bag
Just $5 a bag

Please show how much you care for teachers and the staff that support them by buying them a goodie bag... or five.

When you click 'Buy', you will be taken to PayPal to complete your purchase. Seminole Heights United Methodist Church will be listed at the top of the page and will appear on your receipt. This is because Seminole Heights United operates financially under the umbrella of the church, with its own separate bank account.

More Info

Each $5 you donate will purchase a canvas tote bag for 1 teacher, with pens, pencils, hand sanitizer, tissue, snacks, homemade cookie, water, and a bookmark tag. We hope to deliver a tote bag to all 500 personnel at the six schools.

Along with your help and Seminole Heights United, this initiative is supported by the Hampton Terrace Community Association (HTCA), Heights Urban Core Chamber (HUCC), Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association (OSHNA), Seminole Heights United Methodist Church (SHUMC), South Seminole Heights Civic Association (SSHCA), and Southeast Seminole Heights Civic Association (SESHCA).

Melissa Pearson (Seminole Heights United Board Member and OSHNA Neighborhood Involvement Committee Member) and Martha McNamee (OSHNA Board Member and OSHNA Neighborhood Involvement Committee Member) are leading this neighborhood-wide initiative. You’re welcome to contact us through Facebook or either of them with any questions.